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United Nations Digital Signature as a Service

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We are interested to partner to find an Open Source professional solution to electronic signature practices and systems.

We are looking for an innovative approach potentially using an open-source solution. UNICC is seeking a solution which is cost-effective and customisable to UN requirements. The electronic signature solution needs to offer the following benefits:

• Increased efficiency with automated signature workflows
• Customised and mobile experiences
• Effortless compliance with industry and global regulations
• Elimination of errors and risk by integrating the solution with systems of record;
• Provide added assurance to the source identity and integrity of the transaction;
• Cost-efficiency

Security elements associated with this engagement are offered by UNICC as opposed to a third party; for adaptation by UN Agencies, NGOs, Member States in a not-for-profit, specific environment regarding legal and regulatory requirements.

Scope of Work:

1. Comparison of the EU Digital Signature solution against other leading solutions
2. Security assessment of the EU Digital Signature solution
3. Solution recommendation and design
4. Solution/MVP implementation.

Requisitos de la solución

Solution requirements: • Secure authentication and Identification • Requires user authentication for all transactions• Ability to auto provision users by integrating to existing enterprise user store • Ability to use federation and SSO using SAML• Capability to enable Multifactor Authentication• Provision authentication for third party signers such as email one-time passcode/tokens or SMS tokens. Core functionality:• Ability to sign office documents and PDF documents• Accept multi-party signing through transactions • Capability to make changes to transactions or add multiple documents as part of a transaction• Streamlined transaction workflows with logging and historical data retention• Include user profiles with history, multiple signatures, and basic attributes• Transactions should include the basic information such as name, date, signature, address, designation, etc. • Ability to add customized fields as part of the transaction• Accessible through computers and mobile devices• Set up rules as per which documents for signature can be set to expire after a fixed period if the signature(s) are not completed within the specified time frame. Audit logs:• All transactions• All access and authentications• All administrative activities. Notification and Reports • Ability to generate reports on: 1. Usage reports on transactions. 2. Data analytics of documents, transactions, and users. • Should send notifications for signers and document owners for the following activities: 1. Document waiting for actions. 2. Reminder after certain number of days. 3. Reminder before and after the document has expired. 4. On any actions performed such as signing, rejecting, updating documents, completion, etc. Advanced features:• Capability to integrate with Microsoft 365 and API-based applications• Customizable templates for transactions. • Support for various file types. • eIDAS compliant eSignatures• Ability to use digital signatures with eSignature via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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This opportunity provides technology and business faculty and students to work with our technical experts to learn and share ideas and solutions to technology challenges.Evaluation: • Suitability of the team to undertake the Scope of Work• Review against the security and solution requirements• Past experiences in similar situations

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